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The power underneath the hood can be the difference between cruising & stuck along the side of the road. If you can sense a difference in your vehicle’s power, lights or fluids it should be checked out immediately. To ensure safety, check the on-vehicle directory for lamp replacements if necessary, inspect all vehicle fluids & filters to check for proper maintenance.

Neglecting under the hood of the vehicle can lead to all types of issues. For example, if the radiator is leaking your engine will not be kept under operating temperature & the engine could overheat. Also, if the filters like fuel filter are not changed the fuel injectors & hoses can be damaged by grime & debris allowed to enter the hoses & injectors. Another example, would be the battery over & undercharging due to electrolyte levels low in the battery fluid.

From the trunk to underneath the hood let our expert mechanics & technicians suggest the best replacements to increase your horsepower! If you have a busy schedule feel free to make an appointment online. Call us at (760) 757-9615 to address any transmission concerns. Walk-ins & Drop offs are always welcome at 3965 Mission Ave Suite 7, Oceanside, CA, 92058. From the entire team at Cornerstone Automotive, we look forward to meeting you & your family!

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