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Every boat, plane & car rely on a steering wheel for the captain, pilot, & driver to control the direction they venture toward. If your vehicle struggles while trying to turn or even steer straight have your power steering system inspected!

Small grease leaks or steering rack boot tears can lead to the failure of the steering system. The steering rack could be pulling toward one side of the steering wheel and will set it off center until corrected. If the steering on your car is loose, consider realignment. If there is any slack from swerving, meaning without guidance, your vehicle does not drive in a straight line, you may need realignment. For everyone’s safety on the road let our expert mechanics check out the root of the problem & advise upon any repairs if necessary.

If you would like to tackle the problems surrounding your steering system drop off your vehicle today! We are located at 3965 Mission Ave Suite 7, Oceanside, CA, 92058. If you have any questions regarding your steering give us a call at (760) 757-9615! Schedule an appointment for whenever is most convenient for you! From the entire family at Cornerstone Automotive, we look forward to meeting you.

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