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There are plenty of signs you might have noticed your car is performing at a lesser rate than usual. You should have your car inspected & advised upon further repairs if:

  • Check Engine Light – This is one of the most prominent issues for all cars. If at any time, it illuminates the on-board diagnosis is letting you know, you should perform a routine check-up to seek out the issue. Tendency to ignore can lead to your car breaking down on the side of the road, leaving you in a state of panic & canceled plans. Whenever you have the chance, let us provide a complete inspection as soon as possible.
  • Unfamiliar Noise from Car – The more years spent driving your car, you will begin to notice how the performance decreases over time. If at any time, you hear an unfamiliar sound from the front of the car, make note that you might have a screw loose, or some parts far more important has begun to diminish due to many reasons (i.e. fluid residue, rusting, piston seizing, outside influences, etc.). Let our experts get under the hood and analyze the situation at hand.
  • Oil Leak – You might have noticed the pool of fluid in the driveway or your parking spot, meaning there is a serious flood of fluid leaking from your vehicle. Stemming from poor maintenance, low-quality fluids, or father time taking his toll on rubber gaskets. Either way, let us patch up your vehicle before the engine is starved of oil.
  • Car Does Not Start – There are plenty of reasons why a vehicle is incapable of starting. It could be the starter motor, battery, fuel delivery, ignition malfunction or a combination of many reasons. If this is the case, you will need a tow, but look no further. Our towing service will bring you & your car here in one piece. Then, our team of Pros will be able to assess & fix the issue at hand.
  • Incident or Accident Occurred – If you happened to be a part of a fender bender, the best thing to do is always exchange insurance. For whatever reason, you did not make sure you have your car checked on. It might seem like a little issue at first, but actually, rapidly derail your car. Drive-in or call us for a tow if damages become far worse than expected, we want to make sure every driver is safe on the jam-packed roads.
  • Car Overheats – If the temperature gauge is rising to “H” while driving or smoke rises from the engine, check your cooling system. It is possible there is a coolant leak, thermostat malfunction, or radiator is damaged. Avoid driving in vehicles if overheating occurs, the engine could be internally damaged from lack of coolant.
  • Car Check-Up – If you have not had your car inspected in over 6 months, or longer, since you bought the vehicle make sure to bring it in for a routine diagnosis. Proper attention to intricate details from our experts might be the difference between a smooth ride & stuck along the highway. 9 times out of 10, big-time auto repairs are preventable!
  • Lesser Acceleration Performance – The acceleration of your car is one of the easiest noticeable details, especially driving uphill. Its tied directly to the power of the car. Meaning it could be a simple replacement of spark plugs, the timing belts or new gears might be necessary for the transmission.
  • Car Shakes while Driving or Braking – If you notice the rumble from inside of the vehicle, you need to take notice. It could be worn brake pads and likely the brake rotors have been warped. When cruising, if the rumbling continues it could be the misfiring from spark plugs or engine pressure at combustion is not within operating conditions. Bring it in & let us find out the exact reason so you can return to a smooth drive. 

For whatever reason it may be, you deserve the best from your car.

We are well equipped with the latest tools & latest technology to correctly estimate, diagnose & repair your vehicle the first time around. 1st Timers should expect the utmost respect from the entire team at Cornerstone Automotive.

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