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Cooling Off the Mob

Have you ever wondered what kind of car Al Capone drove? At Cornerstone Automotive we had the pleasure of repairing a time-traveling vehicle. A 1942 Lincoln Continental one of the few still running to this day! Have a look back into history!

The owner’s original complaint was the radiator was leaking & was afraid the engine would overheat!

Upon opening the hood, it was evident green coolant was seeping out of the radiator fins & the radiator was not repairable. In addition, the original Lincoln flathead V12 Motor had been swapped for a V8 Configuration. Further research from part numbers, number of cylinder head bolts & the design of the ignition system we discovered the engine was from 1950 Mercury V8. With that information, we were able to track down the parts necessary & thus began to repair the cooling system.

This is how the engine compartment looked after the old radiator & radiator hoses were removed from the vehicle.

Along with the new radiator, we replaced the upper & lower radiator hoses. When we first started the vehicle after replacing a majority of the cooling system, the radiator fan would not kick on!

Thus, we installed an electronically controlled thermostat to read the coolant temperature inside the radiator & turn on an electric fan motor once it reaches over 100°C. Then after running the engine we tested the temperature of the engine block with an infrared thermometer & found the engine to be within operating temperature!

If you see this Hot Rod on the streets, do not fret! The bootlegged alcohol & cigarette carton days are far behind this mafioso vehicle!

As Summer begins in paradise, it is important to make sure not only you, but your vehicle too, stay cooled off!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hot rod’s cooling system give us a call today at (760) 757-9615. We are located at 3965 Mission Ave Suite 7, Oceanside, CA 92058! Feel free to stop on by for an inspection today!  From the entire Cornerstone Family we look forward to meeting you!