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A/C Unit Diagnosis & Repair

/A/C Unit Diagnosis & Repair
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In Oceanside, California every day is another battle with the heat. Don’t let yourself or your passengers count every second that goes by. Every single time you or your family’s bodies overheat it becomes intolerable driving around. Instead of sweating through your seat, enjoy a cool breeze. Letting us fully inspect why your A/C unit is not working to its fullest potential!

After an overcast night, sometimes it can be hard to see through fogged up windows. Rushing back on the road can be difficult, when the windshield is blocked by grey smudges. Dodging the rain into warmth comfort is ideal for anyone by the coast. If your heating system is unable to perform (Defrost/Heat) through the winter, let us fully inspect & advise if any necessary repairs are needed.

It might need an entire replacement or minor maintenance, either way we want to make sure no one is baking underneath the year round summer heat. Or Freezing through the chilly nights blown in from the Pacific! Call (760) 757-9615 to address such issues or to schedule an appointment online or over the phone. Additionally, You can make an in-person appointment at 3965 Mission Ave Suite 7, Oceanside, CA, 92058. From the entire Team at Cornerstone Automotive, we look forward to meeting you & your family!

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